May 6, 2018

I want to write bout my trip in Seoul, South Korea.

As I want to remember the beauty of spring and the business of the city.

I'll find some time insyaAllah by this weekend before Ramadhan. My friends already shared their photos, but because I'm such a noob, so I'm not really sure how to download through Google Drive using another account.

No worry, I'll google bout it later. If not I'll just use my own photos.


p.s can't wait for my next trip.

May 5, 2018


Dah masuk bulan Mei dan ini kali pertama aku post dalam blog ni >.< I could have been easier if I could just use the app in Iphone. Sigh, dear Blogger please update your app!

I haven't done much this year, traveled little bit here and there.

Seriously and honestly I'm such a chronic homebody

And being one can be such a mental battle. Whenever I go out, I wish I was just chilling at home. Then when I'm chilling at home, it feels like I'm wasting my (young) life away because I rarely go out.

My achievement for today, I went to 'kenduri' which was a very last minute planned. I need to mingle around and see more people I guess. 

Any solution for a chronic homebody like meeee?


Dec 29, 2017

I'm not good at saying good bye, seriously. I'll pretend that I was okay and everything will be fine as usual, but deep inside I know it won't. 

Thank you and all the best in your study Kak Dayang. Thank you so much for your help (including tidy up our messy workplace every day) and guidance for the past 5 months. 

Andddddd today is our last day of working in 2017.

Behind those green masks, there are bigggg smiles. Longggg wekeend at last. Hehehe :D

Dec 24, 2017

Assalamua'laikum minna-san~

Well, after almost 5 months in Sarikei, Sarawak I started to like this small town. Except for a fact that it doesn't have any shopping complex. The good side is I can save more (initially), then afterwards life gets too dull and boring and online shopping is the only way out (it's addictive too). Hahahaha :D

Anyway, it had been a really hard week for me. Someone passed away and I'm still in shocked. It's too sudden, that I cried whenever I read the news and it was a great reminder for myself that life is short and every moment is precious. We often to take things for granted and forget to take comfort and joy in the little things.

I miss home, my family, my cats and my friends. How I wish we could spend more time together.


Dec 13, 2017

This! Lets spread positive vibes to each other. Say no to negativity.

Nov 24, 2017

Few years back, I fell in love with something pink. A very cute little camera. I bought one and never regretted even once (eh tipu, few times jugak regret sebab the films are just too expensive >.<)

Anyway, up till now I still use the camera. After more than 5 years, it still serve me well. In fact I still took some photos using the Mini Pink last week in Shah Alam. 

Sangat-sangat berbaloi dengan harga, sebab tahan. Tak rosak even selepas 5 tahun, and still produce good photo quality. 

The biggest downside of this camera (for me, apart from the expensive films) is it's manual function. I have read bout this before I bought one, but I thought I will really now how to control and choose the functions (there are 4 to choose depends on the situations) after few attemps. However up till now I still failed (sometimes), that my photos turn out to be too bright or dark. Hahahahahahaha. Still I love the photos regardless of the end result, because that are the memories I will cherish forever.

However, after giving it some thought, it wouldn't hurt to buy another one, isn't it? An automatic version to be exact which will be better choice for a lazy person like me. Hehehe :)

And nowadays there are so much to choose from. Fujifilm released lots of them. All cute one too (menangis tepi bucu katil, kira duit tabung). Hehehe. 

And being an economical person as I claimed to be, I must choose the most affordable but with good specifications too. At least an auto one. If not I'll end up with another camera next few years.

I love Minions! Who doesn't? Ba-na-na-na. This camera is just too cute that I secretly hoping that someone will bought this for me. Hehe. Kidding! This one is not much different with my old one except it looks way cute. So obviously I won't buy this Minion. Sorry honey bunny :')

After doing some reading and comparing the prices, I think this one will suit my budget and liking ♥  Fujifilm Instax Mini 25

Maybe I will buy one, later. 


P.s for me the only downside of these cameras is the price of the films, but the films are really the best! The quality is so good that it doesn't even fade even after 5 years. 

Nov 5, 2017

I'm more than excited to hear that my most favorite K-pop group going to make a comeback tomorrow. All hail King of K-pop (well for me as an Ever Lasting Friend, they are the King. Kekeke), SUPER JUNIOR! I already ordered the album(s) last week. Bought 2 sets, as another one is for Alya. I knew it gonna take few weeks to reach Malaysia. Sigh~ for the time being I will just watch their music video endlessly. 

At first I was sooo contemplated either to buy both versions of the album or only one of them. They both have same songs, but differ in CD covers, photocards, letter to fans which I don't really care cause I only want the CD and POSTERS! How come they released two different posters. I told Alya that is how big Kpop companies made moneys nowadays. Hahahahahaha. They released different CDs with different members as cover. Just imagined how the fanatic fans will react if there are still 13 members of Super Junior. They will buy all 13, trust me. Eventhough I still bought both versions (just because I want the Once More Chance version, which the possibility of getting one is veryyyy low if I only buy 1 album), I still think I'm a realistic fan. Hehehe. I still won't buy many albums just to collect the CD covers.

* Black Suit version *

* Once More Chance version (I want this!) *

This album brought back too many memories as Mr Simple was the last album I bought (2011). I once cried when my parent didn't allow me to go to Super Show (Super Junior's concert) in Malaysia few years back. I cried so much that my housemates thought that someone died. Dramatic sangat. And I used to wrote bout them in this blog too. Kekeke. My room in Jakarta (before we moved to a very cramp rent house), was covered with their posters. I love Sorry, Sorry album so much. Been hunting high and low for the original poster for quite sometime now.

And lately I have been using Carousell apps so much. Bought lot of old CDs from there. Tak tipu sangat berbaloi. I even bought Westlife and Backstreet Boys CDs apart from Super Junior. My car loving them so much ♥ ♥ 

Happy 12th anniversary dear Super Junior!

Please stay together as long as you guys can or forever like Shinhwa sunbaenim :)

P.s Donghae looks so fine in this comeback, no lie ♥ 

Nov 4, 2017

The latest IOS doesn't support Blogger apps anymore because it's too old-school. Please Blogger do something, at least update your app. It's really hard for me to blog from my computer as most of the photos are in my phone. Thank you :) 

Sep 19, 2017

Assalmualaikum minna-san~ 

So almost 2 months aku kerja di Sarawak. Hidup orang sini bagi aku lebih kurang macam di Indonesia, yang senang betul-betul senang, yang susah memang ramai and sangat susah.

Harini aku jumpa tiga beranak. Aku tekan nombor "6043" lebih tiga kali, tak masuk-masuk. Aku keluar bilik, panggil nama pesakit dan nombor. Kadang-kadang orang tua tak perasan nombor dipanggil, atau kertas hilang, aku tak marah. Biasa lah orang tua. Apalah sangat setakat nak bangun dari kerusi panggil sekali dua. Tapi pemilik nombor still tak menyahut.

Jadi aku skip pergi nombor "6044". Berkali-kali pun tak masuk. Tiba-tiba seorang staff masuk, "Doktor panggil nombor 6043, 6044 ya? Pakcik tu ada dekat luar, dia bawak anak isteri datang naik wheelchair". "Okay kak, panggil la diorang masuk".

Masuk lah pakcik/atuk usia 70-an tolak anaknya atas wheelchair. Aku baca kad, asal dari Kabong (3-4 jam dari Sarikei), 34 tahun, OKU ada hypertension and thyrotoxicosis. Aku dah start sebak. Ayah umur 70 tahun jaga anak sakit umur 30 lebih. Besar betul pengorbanan ayah. Nampak kesusahan hidup mereka. I'm not being a judgmental here tapi I have to, sebab aku kena fikir kos dia nak datang, tambang bot ekspress, taxi lagi dan juga faktor usia. Bukan seorang, tapi bertiga. Aku nak membantu dan memudahkan pesakit, bukan membebankan mereka. 

Lepas tu aku jumpa isterinya pula, usia 70-an juga. Pakcik setia di tepi. "Makcik, kenapa tekanan darah tinggi ni? Makan ubat tak hari ni?". "Oh doktor, makcik tak makan ubat pagi ni sebab puasa". "Makcik, puasa pun ubat darah tinggi kena makan, minum dengan air kosong". Sambil tulis prescription aku tanya, "Berapa orang anak pakcik?". "Ada dua orang, yang seorang kerja kampung". Tiba-tiba air mata yang aku tahan dari tadi jatuh. Menitik. Aku diam. Tak nak pakcik makcik or my clique perasan. Jujur, aku sebak. Terbayang atuk nenek dan mak ayah sendiri. Ada anak-anak yang teman pergi ke klinik/hospital. Tidak perlu meredah sungai, naik turun bot. Betapa pakcik makcik depan aku ni begitu kuat semangatnya. Bawa pulak si anak yang berkerusi roda ;( 

Moga Allah memberkati kalian berdua. Dan semoga next appointment kalian bertiga dengan saya lagi jadi saya boleh tolong pakcik makcik semampunya. Amin :')

Sep 15, 2017

Aku rasa it's a common sense bila kau pinjam barang orang, kau mintak izin.

Ecspecially something yang jarang dipinjam orang like kereta. Even in my family, we asked for permission first if we were to borrow our parent or siblings' cars. 

Where is your common sense human?

Or are you an alien?

* smirking *