Apr 21, 2016

Assalamua'likum minna-san~

Being home is one of the best feeling ever except getting scolded from Umi Abah lah. Kekeke :p Sejak umur 13 tahun memang aku jaranggg sangat duduk rumah, masuk asrama then sambung belajar pergi Indonesia. Now dah kerja pun duduk jauh dari keluarga lagi. That's why bersyukurlah if you've the chance to live with or near your family. There are poeple like me who wish to live with her family, but we just can't. Not yet, someday perhaps :')

Anyway, I'm home for two days and spending the whole time with the them. Umi's not feeling well, maybe because of the hot weather. Get well soon Umi! 

 * Luncheon. Obviously someone is way too hungry even she just had her lunch before that. Kekeke * 

* Ain cakap dia kena buat muka konon-konon comel just in case someone thought she is older than us :') *

* On the way to bus station. Sempat lagi tangkap gambar. Pastu kena tinggal dengan bas ;( Tapiii nasib baik tak pergi jauh lagi. So bas tu tunggu kejap and abah hantar pergi tempat bas. Alhamdulillah. If not I can't imagine I've to take the emergency leave. Omo omo *

p.s I forgot to take Miko's photo. I was too busy cleaning her cage and doing her laundry. Can't wait for her to come to Temerloh * wink wink *