Jun 10, 2016

Few days left before I completed my medical rotation. Deep in my heart, I'm afraid. Very afraid actually.

1. I'm still not sure if I can become a competent doctor like my MOs and specialists, but they kept reassure me that I'll gain enough experiences throughout my housemanship. .

2. My next rotation is Pediatric department. I don't know how will I handle the stress induce by the crying. I may end up crying too. Huwaaaa >.<

Being in this department, I learnt a lot. How important the teamwork is, how important to have good relationship with your superior and staff nurses and even the patients, how it's really a core thing to have a good attitude if we want to be a good doctor apart from having the knowledge. My superior told me that knowledge and experiences are easy to obtain as long as we are hardworking, but good attitude is priceless. I'll keep in mmind. Fighting!