May 26, 2017

Today was her last day here in Hoshas. I felt so heartbroken. Part of me are so grateful that we shared our on-call together yesterday. It was sooo eventful, from a case of laparotomy for a premature baby whose weight only 850g till a case of LSCS for cord prolapse. Honestly, she is my mentor, teacher and sister. She taught me 1001 'bout anesthesia and medical fields itself. She lets me do all the procedures, build my confidence, shared knowledge with me and so much more. How I wish I could learn more from her. But don't be selfish and silly Alma. She's going to be a good anesthesiologist, insyaallah. All the best for your future study, Dr Sakinah. Seriously, you'll be missed greatly by me :')

Yours grateful houseman that she crossed her life path with yours ❤️

P/S you inspired me to be anesthesiologist too, but it's too hard 😭