Mar 30, 2017

Honestly, being a single person and not married, I'd face so many discrimination. So many that if I may point out each and every one of them, the list will goes on forever. I'm not sure why people forget that they were once a single person too before they get married? *sigh* And how come they treat us like we don't have our own life and families and friends to spend time with? *sigh again* Being single is not a crime. And who are you to judge me and overwork me just because I'm not married? That's ridiculous. 

Yesterday, at 8.30 pm which was way past my shift time that supposed to end at 7pm. I'm so tired and hungry after working from 6am. While passing over to my friend, I told her; "Lets do these faster so that I can get home and rest. I'm so hungry". Then I heard this one voice beside us, "Kenapa dokter nak balik cepat-cepat, ada anak ke kat rumah?". And I'm being so emotional after working more than 12 hours, found that statement was very offensive and judgmental. I looked at her (the staff nurse) "No, I don't have a child at home but my body do need rest, isn't it? I still have to work and use my body and brain tomorrow. Why you think only people with child can go back earlier? Besides it already way past my shift time and I've clear all my jobs". And that question I heard coming from a person yang baru 5-10 minit habis shift pun dah marah-marah nak balik. I know I'm being oversensitive right now, but please bear with me.

Please. Please. 

You don't want to see me when I become a real hungry and tired monster.

I need my life as a single person too.